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We have had a great few years, but due to an old injury while in the Air Force, I have to sale the business and look for something a little less strenuous on the back.  In 2016 we had $80K in sales, and we will finish out 2017 with $200K in sales, with an average of 50% profit.  We have one of the top media blasting websites in the Houston area.  If you Google, media blasting, mobile blasting, etc. you will see the RCTMB is at the top, not including the paid ads.

We have split the sale up into four parts, the business, the equipment, the truck and the forklift.  We split it up this way, due to interest from other blasters wanting the business but already have their own equipment, trucks, etc.

The business side, is the website, contacts, verbal contracts, sales, Facebook page, Youtube channel, phone number, etc. everything that goes along with the business side of RCTMB.

The equipment side is the compressor with the blast pot attached, hoses, nozzles, media, air supplied hoods, small blast pot, water pumps, etc. all the hardware and equipment used to preform the service side. The compressor has just been fully serviced on 12/5/2017, Oil, Fuel, and New Air Filters.

Then we have the truck and forklift.

We started the business in June of 2015, I went full time in August of 2015, and we incorporated into an LLC in June of 2016.  We have done everything from cars to large buildings, line stripe removal to tug boats, driveways to warehouse floors.

We are also setup to resale media to other blasters in the area.

You will get all of our contacts, list of all clients, list of local blasters we work with, list of other service companies we work with, such as line strippers, decorative concrete, pressure washers, etc.

I will offer support, answer questions, even tag along on a few jobs to assist you in getting up and running as fast as possible.

Richard Rogers
RCT Mobile Blasting

2016: $  80,000.00 in Sales
2017: $200,000.00 in Sales


For Sale Info:


$113,000.00 For the full business.  You can see the parts broken up below.

The sale can only be broken up, if someone buys the business without one of the other 3 parts.

Business:  $90,000.00

  • LLC
  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Contact List


  • Phone Number
  • Domain Name
  • Local Blasters List
  • Local Contractors List

Equipment:  $15,000.00

  • 2013 185CFM Doosan Compressor 100PSI, 1600 Hrs
  • 2013 DB500 Dustless Blast Pot
  • 2017 Clemco 100 lbs Blast Pot
  • 2 Gas Powered 2″ Water Pumps
  • Several Pallets of Media
  • 2.5 Gal Paint Pressure Pot


  • 3 Extension Blast Hoses
  • 200′ of 1″ Air Hose for Small Blast Pot
  • Nova 3 Blast Hood Setup
  • Standard and Turbo Nozzles.
  • Pallet Racks

Truck:  $4,000.00

  • 2000 F250 Crew Cab
  • Air Bag Rear Suspension
  • Towing
  • Commercial Grade Tires
  • 5.4 Gas Engine


  • 256,000 Miles
  • Automatic
  • Lariat, leather interior
  • Aftermarket Radio – Bluetooth
  • Already Lettered.

Forklift:  $4,000.00

  • Model: FG15S-15
  • Attachments: Side Shift


  • 3 Stage 21′ Reach
  • Propane