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Media Blasting

There are many ways to remove paint and graffiti, such as Abrasive Blasting, Bead Blast, Blast, Blasters, Blasting Machine, Blasting Process, Dry Blasting, Glass Blasting, Glass Sandblasting, Grit Blasting, Media Blasting, Mobile Blasting, Paint Blasting, Portable Blasting, Portable Sandblasting, Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Sandblasting, Shot Blasting, Soda Blasting and Wet Blasting.  These methods use media such as Black Beauty, Sand, Crushed Glass, Glass Bead and Soda.  However the best method out there is the RCT Mobile Blasting system, which utilizes sand or crushed glass, mixed with water resulting in more energy but less friction and heat, while keeping the dust cloud down so everything around doesn’t get covered.  RCT Mobile Blasting utilizes the Dustless Blasting system which is the most affordable, easiest, and safest solution to removing paint, graffiti, rust or debris.

We use a variety of sizes, of crushed glass, sand, and garnet, depending on the application.  This gives us the ability to handle your project in an efficient and timely manner.  These materials are safe and environment friendly, safe for grass, plants and animals.  The crushed glass is 100% recycled.

Wet or Dry

RCT Mobile Blasting can Wet or Dry blast, however Dry blasting may not be allowed in certain areas.


For residential, we handle jobs such as surface cleaning driveways, walkways, patios, removing scum lines from pools, removing plaster from pools, blasting lawn furniture, cleaning brick, concrete, stones, stripping paint from metal or wood, a more.


For automotive, there is nothing better than the experience from RCT Mobile Blasting. Having a mobile system means we can come to you, do the blasting at your location.  We highly recommend Dry Blasting for vehicles in order to keep wet media from getting into spots you can’t get it out of and resulting in rusting from the inside out.  However we understand there are times where you can’t have or don’t want the dust cloud.  In all situations we strive to please the customer, if Wet blasting is what you need, we will be happy to Wet blast your vehicle for you.  The water in the DB system is to keep the dust down, so it doesn’t get all over everything else in the area.  We can blast near some grass area where we can wash the sand off into the grass.  Many people believe the water reduces heat buildup and prevents warping, what actually warps metal is using media that is too large and too high of pressure.  This is usually the result of someone who is inexperienced and/or someone who is in a hurry.  We use medium grade crushed glass, and take our time, so there is no warping. We can blast, clean, dry and the auto is ready for primer.  From the frame, the body, to engine parts, we can handle it all.


The system from RCT Mobile Blasting can strip your fiberglass boat bottom paint with ease, including anti-fouling paint, without harming the hardened gel coat underneath.  Our process is nontoxic, no chemicals, and no pollution; it produces no dust, so it can be done anywhere.  We can remove the paint coat, as well as marine growth from the bottom of your boat, rudders, props, and more.


RCT Mobile Blasting can handle any size of job, from small to large.  Do you have a fleet of vehicles that need to be stripped, a large piece of equipment, tractor, tank, and more, we can handle it.  No chemicals, nontoxic, environmentally friendly, no dust cloud, safe and efficient.

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THE NEWEST Media blasting Technology


Safe on steel, fiberglass, aluminum, brick, stone, concrete and more!

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